Internet Marketing Company, eMarket, founded in 1995, helps companies identify, attract, and convert their target online audience. With twenty years experience, the eMarket team continues to service the online retail, wholesale and professional services market with search engine optimization and conversion optimization services.

Our History:

The concept was simple; at least it was in our minds. Provide a service that helped the mail order industry transition to the Internet. eMarket, the electronic marketplace was born! Fun times ensued…

Through the mid 90’s eMrkt.com grew on two fronts; from a B2B services offering of integrated 3rd Party Order Processing, Pick-Pack-Ship fulfillment, & Internet Marketing services to a B2C online shopping mall with 1,000’s of products available for sale. Internet Shopper Magazine selected eMarket’s “Ben’s House of Electronics” as one of its “Top Electronics Shopping Site” and awarded its “Ask Ben”, a consumer help function, a “Top Engaging Idea” for 1997.

In 1998, eMarket was acquired by eLevel, Inc. a Plano, TX based application development firm and Microsoft Gold Ecommerce Solution Provider. Here the focus shifted from the physical function of order processing and fulfillment to the technical process of application development, system integration, and online marketing.

Several years later, in 2005, eMarket was acquired by JGW Holdings where the focus continues to be on Internet Marketing, more specifically the maximization of revenue generation via web assets.

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