Digital Presence ManagementInternet Marketing StrategyConversion Optimization

Digital Presence Management

Stop submitting and take control of your online presence! eMarket enables control of the visibility and overall performance of businesses.

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Internet Marketing Strategy

Identify opportunities to reach customers and achieve unparalleled ROI.

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Conversion Optimization

Increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers.

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Conversion Optimization Basics in GA

Identifying opportunities to increase conversion rate can be difficult. A good place to start is to look at cart abandonment in your checkout sequence. Seems like a simple concept but one often overlooked. Every cart saved is a sale made! The images above is a standard Google Analytics Goal Funnel. By implementing this simple funnel,…

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SEO or Internet Marketing?

I spend a lot of time visiting with existing and potential clients about Search Engine Optimization Services. I enjoy the learning their experiences; horror stories mostly! I’m fascinated by the depth of information many have on the subject yet the lack of understanding as to what it is, let alone how it works and more…

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Network Solutions

When we started eMarket (1994), Domain Registration was done via a traditional documentation process; print, complete, mail. So we went to Network Solutions and learned that the domain name we wanted,, was available and we completed the forms and send our money via FedEx; fully expecting to get the domain we wanted as their…

Read More » – Our History started in 1994; before Al Gore “took the initiative in creating the Internet”. 🙂 The concept was simple; at least in our minds. eMarket was to provide a service that helped the mail order industry transition to the Internet. eMarket, the electronic marketplace was born! Fun times ensued… We started outside Minneapolis, at a…

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