Conversion Optimization Basics in GA

Identifying opportunities to increase conversion rate can be difficult. A good place to start is to look at cart abandonment in your checkout sequence. Seems like a simple concept but one often overlooked. Every cart saved is a sale made!


The images above is a standard Google Analytics Goal Funnel. By implementing this simple funnel, we learned that approximately 70% of the engaged consumers were leaving our client site in the first step of the checkout process. Resolving this issue had the potential to TRIPLE SALES before we spend a dime anywhere else!

After some adjustment to that page we more than double sales… then moved on to getting more consumers into the funnel via a Digital Marketing Strategy.

Here’s a nice article by Kunle Campbell of Practical Ecommerce on how to cull information about your customer out of Google Analytics. Testing & improving these should lead to increased conversion.

Google Analytics Reports for Conversion Optimization.