emrkt.com – Our History

emrkt.com started in 1994; before Al Gore “took the initiative in creating the Internet”. 🙂

The concept was simple; at least in our minds. eMarket was to provide a service that helped the mail order industry transition to the Internet.

eMarket, the electronic marketplace was born! Fun times ensued…

We started outside Minneapolis, at a Pack Mail store in Edina, MN. There we initiated our sales process to prospective Mail Order merchants. Immediate interest and success with online order processing and pick-pack-ship services enabled us to move to a 50,000 sqft facility in Minneapolis where we expanded into the self-published author and software markets. Our online shopping center and order forms were a hit both domestically and internationally.

Business was booming, especially with book sales via the emrkt.com/bookstore. We learned of another start-up called Amazon; they were so far behind us, they’d never catch up… believed that right up until they acquired the book distributor Ingram, where we were getting the majority of our books. see missed opportunities for more on this.