Network Solutions

When we started eMarket (1994), Domain Registration was done via a traditional documentation process; print, complete, mail. So we went to Network Solutions and learned that the domain name we wanted,, was available and we completed the forms and send our money via FedEx; fully expecting to get the domain we wanted as their web site said it was available. Weeks later, after creating our logo, marketing materials, and a new web site (link to Wayback Machine – 1996 ) we received notice from Network Solutions, including a time stamped envelope received earlier in the day than ours, indicating that someone else requested and received the same domain name. Rather than start over we decided to “drop the vowels and pass the saving on to you”.

Thus the reason for ’’.

A couple of takeaways from that experience. First, and one that remains true today, we learned at a very early stage that the value of web traffic wasn’t in the spelling of the domain name but in the content on it; some goods links will help as well! Secondly, and one we should have paid more attention to, was that domain name squatting was going to be a huge business and one we should have gotten into as has since sold to some multinational trade company for a significant dollar figure. Opps! Missed that opportunity…

Later in 2007 we were involved in a successful Domain Registrar venture called Standard Names.